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Pharma sales force automation software in Pharma Marketing & Sales Management helps in Pharmaceuticals field services for medical reps, pharma sales reps, optimize appointment management, doctor visits, etc.,

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The pharmaceutical sector depends on generating awaress and selling new and upcoming drugs worldwide! This means that it is essential that a strong field workforce manages this arm of work. Coordination, transparency, and communication are essential to the back office and the field force personnel. Field force management solutions help to achieve the set targets with more efficiency.
What’s more, with the advent of predictive and machine learning technologies, field sales and medical reps can now heavily optimize their appointment management, taking into account doctor visits, success rates, weather and traffic conditions, size of the deal etc.




Job Scheduling

As a field-staff manager, one is quite burdened having to juggle through a lot of back-office paperwork, tracking multiple assets and service requests.

Route & Location Tracking

fast asset tracking software not only helps your field staff in getting to the right location and navigating but serves as a brilliant tool to help your field staff managers know when and where the service is being provided by the field staff.

Attendence & Leave

Keeping a track of your field staff’s time has now become easier with Attendance and Leave management feature.

Invoice & Payments

For any business, the ability to quickly capture and track overall flow of revenue is critical. Without a strong financial asset flow and profit visibility, it is not easy for any businesses to sustain.

Expenses & Claims

Give your field staff managers the potential and endowment to record, claim and approve expenses on the go with expense management software.

Dashboard & Reports

Enable your field-staff manager with an all-encompassing field service dashboard with real-time updates and easy access to major ticket and work-staff related details.